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Time travel, especially as experienced by Homura works as an excellent metaphor for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Consider the first trauma she endured, the death of Madoka who sacrificed her life to protect Homura and the denizens of Mititakihara. She repeats the month over and over in a vain attempt to save Madoka.

Steven Woodward, a psychologist with the National Center for PTSD at the VA Medical Center in Menlo Park, Calif in an interview with NPR said

PTSD dreams are the same real-life event played over and over again like a broken record. “Replicative nightmares of traumatic events …

The Veterans Administration of the United States states

Nightmares that follow trauma often involve the same scary elements that were in the trauma. For example, someone who went through Hurricane Katrina may have dreams about high winds or floods. They may dream about trying to escape the waters or being in a shelter that does not feel safe. A survivor of a hold-up might have nightmares about the robber or about being held at gunpoint.

Not all nightmares that occur after trauma are a direct replay of the event. About half of those who have nightmares after trauma have dreams that replay the trauma. People with PTSD are more likely to have dreams that are exact replays of the event than are survivors without PTSD.

Where does Homura start at the beginning of each timeline?

In bed, having just woken up from another replay of the trauma she endured, unable to change the end result of what happened.

In an odd side note In the new afterward for the HBO miniseries tie in edition of Generation Kill, Evan Wright’s nonfiction account of being embedded with the Marines of the 1st Reconnaissance battalion during the Iraq War, Wright states that the most accurate depiction of  The Iraq war is the movie Groundhog Day. Wright isn’t alone in the comparison. In David Finkel’s nonfiction book The Good Soldiers A soldier known only as Soldier 7 states “You spend 1,000 days it gets to the point where it’s Groundhog Day. Every day is over and over. The heat, the smell, the language.

However PTSD is a lot like Groundhog Day. You repeat the traumatic event over and over again, unable to change it or move on from it.


Anonymous asked:

Not trying to sound like a smart allick or anything but... you do know Nintendo will release the demo this Friday for the public, right? ^^ Or at least I remember them saying the demo will come to the eshop soon, albiet it has limited tries like most demos.

I know - and I probably should’ve asked for the demo code earlier this week if I wanted it - but eh.  Decided to give it a shot if it was possible to get the demo a little earlier + with unlimited uses and ability to transfer coins over to the full game.  

Besides, it’s not like I’m really using or plan to do anything the event legendaries I got, so I figured why not a couple away to someone that might want them more? xP

Okay, this might be a long shot, but…

Does anyone have any spare codes for the North American Smash 3DS demo? I don’t got much of value to give in exchange, but I have some event Pokémon I’ve collected over the years in my Pokémon Y game and am willing to give one or two of these to whoever is kind enough to give me a spare code.  I got:



-Shiny Entei, Raikou and Suicune

-Shiny Palkia, Dialga and Giratina


-Lv 100 event Reshiram

-Lv  100 event Arceus with Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend and Shadow Force


-several Darkrai



As well as a couple of ‘mons here and there with their hidden abilities like Swift Swim Poliwag and Protean Froakie.  I’m also willing to give away my Charizardite X.  If anything above interests you and you got a spare North American code, just send me a message and we can strike up a deal. Thanks in advance!

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